The Next Beauty Capital Is…New Zealand?!

We know France to be a beauty motherland, steeped in skin-care traditions. South Korea is famous for producing some of the most innovative cosmetics (BB cream, anyone?). But, when it comes to the best organic and natural skin care, New Zealand is quietly emerging as the world's leader. Seems kind of random, right? After all, we don’t hear much about the country or its culture aside from its sweeping landscape and the setting of Peter Jackson’s epic fantasy films.
But, consider this: New Zealand has a diverse and harsh climate that runs from subtropical to subantarctic. Its people require very protective and hydrating skin care and its culture is so geographically isolated that it innovates using what grows locally. What's more, Kiwis are ethically averse to greenwashing. That may explain why the country is kicking out some of the most quality-driven and ecologically friendly natural skin-care lines in the world. We spoke with the founders of a few of our favorite natural beauty lines from the region. Is this remote country becoming the new queen of green? Read on, and let us know your thoughts.

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