Alice Eve On The Entourage Movie & Dating Nightmares

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It comes as no surprise that actress Alice Eve finds the dating rituals of Americans to be slightly off-kilter. After all, growing up in England exposed her to the gentleman-like ways of British men from a young age. Now fully ensconced in American culture thanks to her booming Hollywood career, she's subject to all the dating woes the rest of us have been suffering through — think guys dating multiple girls and cracking penis jokes.
We commiserated with Eve — whose resumé boasts parts in Entourage (she played Vinny's wife, no less), Sex & The City 2, and Star Trek — while she was in the Big Apple promoting her new movie Some Velvet Morning. She and Stanley Tucci are the sole actors in the flick, which follows a man and his former mistress as they attempt to navigate a relationship after the man leaves his wife. The entire thing was shot in a whirlwind nine days and takes place entirely in one brownstone, so needless to say tensions were high.
But, Alice learned a thing or two about love and relationships, and she's passing on the knowledge to us. Just don't expect her to be your full-time dating consultant, because she's got a whole lot of movies on her plate right now.

How did you get involved with Some Velvet Morning?
"I worked with Neil [LaBute] at the Lucille Lortel theater, and then about six months later he sent me a monologue, followed by this full script. I thought it was so wonderfully written and such a difficult subject to tackle — the private moments that people have and the weird relationships that take place that we don't know about. And, so I said I'd love to do it."

Did you find yourself siding with either character throughout the movie?
"That's a good question, I can't remember from when I first read it. I had some notes, though, that I thought maybe she [Velvet] was a little needy. I mean, they're both just as crazy as each other though, aren't they? He [Fred] is a relentless bully, and he's stronger than her and I think that's the main thing that you have to remember. At the end of the day he's actually just stronger, so when it comes to it he's gonna beat her if it gets physical — which it does. As much as she's difficult or annoying, eventually he's pretty bad."

Was it difficult to film some of those fighting scenes?
"I definitely found myself emotionally exhausted. It was hard, and it takes it toll. You don't go through what she went through but you do go through something. I don't know why we like to do it as's weird."
What about filming — you did the entire thing in one brownstone.
"You imagine it's frustrating and it is. You imagine it's claustrophobic and it is. At the end of the shot you want to go to the restroom and you have to climb over things. And, everybody's sweating because it's summer. But, I guess that's the food for the creativity that we need."
Did you have a relationship with Stanley Tucci before filming?
"No, I met him for the first time on this movie. We had lunch every day together for an hour and a half and really got to know each other. It was sort of an assumed familiarity. We spent time together, but I guess you just jump in and you trust. Neil created a safe environment as well, so we had a good place to start from."
Stanley has played a lot of abrasive men — what is he like in person?
"I don't know what he does on other sets, but for this it was very much that if we didn't keep it at a high tempo then we'd fall off and lose our energy and want to go home. The whole thing was — I guess some people would call it method, I would just call it surviving — but we'd stay in the mental space. I don't know, he's dark, I guess."
What did you do to decompress after filming?
"I went to bars afterward, ha. No, really, a glass of wine and trying to have an early night is the most important. There wasn't much time for decompressing; it was a high-voltage experience from beginning to end. And then at the end I plummeted."
What did you take away from the movie, as far as its message about love and relationships?
"I definitely took away from it that destructive relationships are truly destructive and that you think that you're surviving but you're not. But, I definitely learned that I never want to be in a destructive relationship. And, I have had one or two like that before."
Have you had any less serious dating mishaps? Bad first dates, perhaps?
"You know, I'm not a big dater. I haven't really 'dated.' I don't know why, but I guess I've been on one or two dates. I guess what I do is that maybe if I want to date someone, I try to turn it into friends immediately. There was one guy who invited me to his birthday and then his cake came out and it was a big penis. And I thought, I'm not sure if this guy is someone I want to hang out with."
What do you look for in a guy?
"I think a good, kind man is the most important thing. Especially if you want a family, I think a kind man is the most important thing. Having seen my friends go through having kids, having a good husband who's understanding and there is necessary. Humor is nice, I guess, and being able to have fun. And, understanding love — I think a lot of people have damage or are too young to understand what love is. There's a lot of compromise needed."
What have you noticed as the differences between British and American men?
"There are a lot of differences. There's still a sense of gender divide between English and American men. Englishman are still sort of gentleman, whereas chivalry is not particularly alive here. And, I think that American men are tougher, I would say."
Do you notice any difference between the actual dating scene or rituals?
"We don't really date in England. We certainly don't date two people at the same time — you know, I kissed him last night and I'm going to kiss him tomorrow night, that doesn't make sense to me. I don't think it's healthy, because it seems to me it's where infidelity comes from. It's a slippery slope, because you start like that, but then suddenly decide you're going to become committed to someone. But, then you always remember the time that you weren't committed. It's weird."
So, about this rumored Entourage movie...have you been involved in any of the plans?
"No, I know nothing about it. I mean, I know that it's a boy's movie, and Vince is probably not going to be married for all of it. I mean, I had a great time with them, but I don't know."
Would you do the movie if they asked?
"Yah, I guess I'd do a scene in it. I think that Vince and Sophia won't really work out, because he's a player. It was a really quick marriage, and he got a very expensive ring, which he'll probably want back. The best part of the whole thing for me was that I got a $2 million ring that I really got to wear. I just stared at it the whole time. But, the marriage probably didn't turn out that well."
What was it like on set with the boys' club?
"Yah, it was a boys' club. It was cool, because it was shot all over L.A., so that was really civilized just driving down the road. But, they've been together seven years, and there was a lot of history there to come into."
You've had some amazing costars. Does anyone stand out?
"Well, everyone's crazy behind the scenes. And, you know, I've worked with Benedict [Cumberbatch] a lot; he's a great actor, and Simon Pegg is very funny. I'm working with Chris Evans now. I'm having fun with him. He's a clever guy. I've liked everyone I've worked with actually — only one or two bad experiences."
You've been traveling a lot lately with press and filming, so how do you keep sane?
"I think the main thing is just being on my own, otherwise I go insane. And, not going out. My vices are going to dinner or having wine. But, if I'm trying to recover something or prepare for a project, I just stay in."
Do you use a stylist when you're doing press and red carpets?
"On my last press tour I worked with Jeanne Yang, who has the line Holmes & Yang. But, days like today, I just style myself. I'm blonde, and black and blonde is a great look in my opinion. I just got some great boots from Ferragamo, so I abide by one piece pulling the whole thing together. It's also a great thing to be able to wear a heel, even just a little bit of height is great."

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