The R29 Guide To The Best Movies Of 2013

This year was bleak for motion pictures. And, we don't mean in quality; the jumble of flicks clamoring for Best Picture nods proves that there was no shortage of excellent films. Rather, the mood this year was grim, dark, and guilt-ridden. One glance through our — or anyone's — picks for 2013's best will show you slavery, the AIDS epidemic, and white-on-black crime. It's pop culture's reminder that there's a dystopian side to everything. Not exactly the uplifting trip to the movie theater you thought it'd be, is it?
That's why, after crying our eyes out during Fruitvale Station and cursing our unappreciated privilege while watching 12 Years A Slave, we sought refuge in the lighter side of things. The adorable whimsy we found in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty or, yes, even the ridiculous grandeur of Pain & Gain gave us the escapism we were looking for. After all, no "Best Of" list is complete without all ends of the spectrum. Read on to find out the flicks we think are must-sees, and let us know your own favorites in the comments below.

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