The Worst Selfie Offenders Of 2013 Are Worthy Of A Side Eye

RKOIPhoto: Courtesy of Rich Kids of Instagram.
You're probably well aware that selfies are 2013's, like, thing. It's one of our vernacular's newest words, the topic of many how-to's (whether necessary or not), and is likely the most reoccurring image you flick by on Instagram throughout the day. Narcissism, egomania, self(ie)- love, what have you, reached new agonizing heights in 2013. And, with it came eight side-eye inducing types of digital bragging that, one way or another, entered our lives and reeked of holier-than-though envy.
Rich Kids of Instagram continued to shamelessly put into perspective just how, for some, money (sometimes literally) grows on trees. Gwyneth Paltrow's GOOP continued to promote the bespoke lifestyle; as did BryanBoy and his unabashed (customized) material flaunting. We learned that children pre-potty training are dressing better than we ever will, and also live in minimalist homes that don't require childproofing because there's nothing to childproof.
The Guardian summed up the year in digital bragging pretty flawlessly, going between the diet braggers to Palermo braggers. Head on over to see the full list (and snarky commentary). We'll be busy trying to gauge just how far in love with ourselves we can fall in 2014. The bar's been set pretty high, but this is the digital age, after all — the limit does not exist! (The Guardian)

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