The Real Von Trapps Wanted Anne Hathaway To Play Maria

1Photo: Courtesy of NBC.
How do you solve a problem like Maria? If you're the real Von Trapps, you get Anne Hathaway on board. After last night's, ahem, interesting, live rendition of The Sound of Music, a wee bit of casting drama is coming to light. According to ABC News, when Maria von Trapp's great-grandson Myles von Trapp Derbyshire heard that his family's story was being remade, he was upset about the idea of Carrie Underwood taking on the legendary part.
"It's just upsetting that this could potentially be the final broadcast of our story," he told ABC News. "And although her voice is amazing, she doesn't have acting experience…It's just the overall image, she's a country star, she won American Idol, she's very public in kind of a tabloid way." His family believed that playing Maria was a very serious job, and they wanted someone with more proven chops — like the aforementioned Hathaway.
"Here's someone who just won an Oscar for a similar situation [in Les Misérables]," he said. "She was able to act and sing." Of course, Underwood ended up doing a pretty standup job all things considered, but we do understand why the real Von Trapps had some trepidations. Singing "The Hills Are Alive" on live television is no easy task, after all. (ABC News)

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