Your Favorite Disney Films Get The Woody Allen Treatment

woody1Image: Via Jen Lewis/Buzzfeed.
At first glance, Disney classics and Woody Allen might seem to have absolutely nothing in common. But, dig a little deeper and you'll see some commonalities. The occasional musical number (Everyone Says I Love You, Manhattan's Gershwin number). Feisty heroines (anything with Diane Keaton). Complicated relationships (all of 'em). Protagonists who seemed trapped in their own heads (again, all of 'em). And, let's not overlook Allen's own animated turn as the star of that 1998 classic, Antz.
Naturally, it was only a matter of time before someone showed us just what our favorite Disney films would look like under Allen's direction — and that someone would just have to be BuzzFeed. Alas, there are no nasally, navel-gazing voiceovers, but we do have film posters seamlessly merging Walt and Woody.
Click over to see Cinderella transformed into a family drama 'Ella and Her Sisters, The Little Mermaid rewritten as a Vicky Cristina Barcelona-style love triangle, and the Pixar classic Toy Story reimagined as (groan) Andy's Doll. What, no The Prince of Egypt as The Purple Rose of Cairo? Come on, guys. (BuzzFeed)

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