Shazam’s 2013 Best Of List Has No Blurred Lines About It

ROBINPhoto: Courtesy of Robin Thicke.
This has been a year of many things: twerking, foam fingers, molly — oh, wait that's just Miley Cyrus. Alright, so Cyrus certainly nailed 2013 with her rump shaking up and down the charts and various headlines, but no scandalous performance or naked picture could trump Robin Thicke's shadow (even if he was a part of said performance).
Shazam released its roundup of the year's most popular "I don't know this song, but my phone will" moments and Thicke's "Blurred Lines" topped both the U.S. and World charts. Surprised? Nah, it was, after all, the song of the summer. Plus, a healthy dose of controversy never did a track harm (chart-wise, at least). "Blurred Lines" summer anthem competitor, "Get Lucky," snagged some top 10 spots (six globally, nine nationally) while Rihanna's "Stay" rounded out the U.S. chart's top five. ("Stay" fell to number seven on the global scale because apparently all those tardy tour performances had consequences — whodathunk?)
Surprisingly, despite the EDM virus that spread across the Top 40 charts and music festival scene, Avicii was the only artist to score a top 10 single with "Wake Me Up." Calvin Harris, however, was one of the year's most Shazam'd artists. Unsurprisingly, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis nabbed the top spot on both the global and U.S. most Shazam'd artist charts. Between "Thrift Shop" and "Same Love," the Seattle duo coasted pretty at the top through the year. Drake, on the other hand, is apparently only popular here in the States. Sorry buddy, but it looks like you're gonna have to go home if you want to win over the international scene in 2014. (Shazam)

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