Anchorman's Ron Burgundy Did A Real Newscast

The Anchorman 2 PR machine is steadily ramping up its gears. As Vulture points out, ever since Will Ferrell did a jazz flute performance as Ron Burgundy on Conan in March of 2012, anticipation has been building for the sequel to the 2004 comedy. Over the weekend, Burgundy visited the set of North Dakota's KX News, where he guest anchored the broadcast with a surprising amount of straight-faced restraint. Even co-anchor Amber Schatz, who cracked only a little under the Burgundy heat, managed to keep herself together without incident. Together, they reported on a Slope County anti-speeding initiative, Movember's end, and a Bobcats vs. Bruins hockey match. Check it out below.
Hard-hitting stuff, surely. We have to imagine, however, that Burgundy will be a little more of his scotchy-scotch-scotch self when he appears on SportsCenter later this month.
Anchorman 2 hits theaters on December 18. (Vulture)

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