Justin Timberlake & Adam Driver’s Duet

The Coen brothers’ upcoming film, Inside Llewyn Davis, is not only getting Oscar buzz, but it has one of the most talked-about soundtracks in recent memory. The story follows the trajectory of Llewyn Davis, a fictional folk hero unabashedly inspired by Bob Dylan, with a little of Lou Reed’s piss-n-vinegar thrown in, too. Set amid NYC’s midcentury cultural renaissance, also a pivotal time for pop music, the movie features a contemporary music icon influenced by the era: Justin Timberlake. The singer-songwriter/actor not only stars as Jim Berkey, but he's all over the "T Bone" Burnett-produced soundtrack. As he well should be. Is there any greater modern-day renaissance man than JT?
Girls star Adam Driver shows off his singing chops, too, and even joins Timberlake on the Velvet Underground-lite track “Please Mr. Kennedy.” Their spot, which also features Oscar Isaac, is a witty and raucous highlight of the film. Inside Llewyn Davis will be in theaters on December 6. Until then, enjoy Timberlake and Driver’s surprisingly raw and thoroughly impressive performance below. (HitFlix)

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