Behold, The S’monut! The Next Dessert Hybrid Is Born

imagePhoto: Courtesy of Macaron Parlour.
If you are among the cronut obsessed, we'd like to challenge (or, confuse) your taste buds with yet another dessert hybrid: the s'monut. New York's Macaron Parlour gave birth to the sugar bomb, which is a s'more-like combo of glazed doughnut pastry, marshmallow, and graham cracker crumbs, shaped like a mini-volcano. As if that doesn't sound rich enough, the "crater" is filled with molten marshmallow and dark chocolate ganache. Honestly, that just may have more calories than a couple rounds of Thanksgiving eats.
But, according to Femail reporter Sally White, a little goes a long way with these tasty buggers. "It's a good sharing treat — because after a quarter, I was kind of like s'no more thanks…" That sounds like a taste test challenge to us. The s'monuts cost $3 a pop and are only available on the weekends, should you be in need of a serious sugar fix. (Femail)

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