Did Angelina Jolie Buy Brad Pitt a Heart-Shaped Island For His B-Day?

rexusa_1325061bPhoto: REX USA/Aldo Verretti/Rex
Brad Pitt has a Chanel No.5 endorsement, six adorable world-traveling children, and one of the most famous names in the world. But, until now, he didn't have his own personal, heart-shaped island.
According to The Daily Mirror, Angelina Jolie bought her fiancée Petra Island for his fiftieth birthday, which is on December 18. The island, in addition to being heart-shaped and therefore a perfect emblem of their timeless love, features two houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, an architect who Brad admires. It's located in the Atlantic Ocean about fifty miles from New York, which begs one very important question — how does one get to the island? By canoe? boat? Helicopter? Secret teleportation device that is being tested by the CIA?
If the rumor is true (The Daily Mirror says it is, Extra says it totally isn't), then Brangelina joins an illustrious club of people who are rich enough to have their own private island. Virgin founder Richard Branson has an island (the even-more-appropriate-for-love-titled Necker Island), while Johnny Depp has a personal Bahamian island with a beach named after Hunter S. Thompson.
Let's just hope that this heart-shaped island is big enough to fit the whole Jolie-Pitt brood on it.

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