Jennifer Lawrence Screams At Press, & We’re Not Even Mad

We are firm proponents of the highly respected theory that press behavior at red carpets is one of the most upsetting, horrifying displays of humanity. You get all of our worst traits in one teeming mass of crazy: the unbridled aggression of photogs jostling one another for prime spots, the servile shrieking of interviewers trying to catch the attention of a celeb they may or may not care about, the cut-throat attitude of those willing to physically overpower their colleagues and sell their dignity in order to obtain a 10-second interview with Ryan Gosling. It is, in a word, scary. And, that's just from our side of the velvet rope.
Can you imagine what it must be like to be the subject, and the cause, of all that bad behavior? The one at whom the many flashing lights are aimed? Jennifer Lawrence knows it better than most, not only because she's one of the world's most popular people right now, but because she is also liable to "break character" and do something other than blandly smile for the camera while hurrying out of sight. That means paps are always watching her like hawks, and when she does do something interesting, they (and, yes, we) can barely contain themselves. You can see it all play out in this video below.
Of course, when she "screams" at the buzzing crowd, she's only joking. But, we couldn't blame her if she did seriously flip out. Honestly, we know we give her more than enough credit on this site, but this just proves that her down-to-earth attitude is all the more commendable given the thoroughly crazed world in which she lives.

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