Jennifer Lawrence As Helen Mirren Isn’t The Best Thing About Her Jon Stewart Interview

Well, world, today we must bid farewell to Jennifer Lawrence. The exhaustive promotional tour for Dior The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has come to an end, and the world's BFF is going away for 10 whole days. But, don't go thinking Lawrence was going to leave without getting the last laugh, though. She hammered the final nail into the Catching Fire coffin the only way she knows how: unabashed honesty, or, as the kids call it, keepin' it real.
Jon Stewart underestimated the wit of his guest last night. His quick banter was met with equally snarky remarks. Stewart, who apparently doesn't prepare for his interviews and doesn't want people staring as his chest, believed he found something (on the Internet, of course) that would blow Lawrence's mind. A young Helen Mirren pops up on screen: "That looks like you, yeah?" Stewart asks. A, erm, bemused J Lawr responded: "I mean, you blew my mind from this entire situation. That was just so random, and I just could never have expected that." Awkward? Sure, but not as awkward as Peeta's stale attempt at a first kiss with Katniss Everdeen. Whew. Thank the mockingjay we've moved passed that.
Anyway, the entire interview is Jennifer Lawrence gold. There's talk of turkeys, Jennifer Lawrence putting said turkey on her head, and her being the reason the Internet blows up. Oh, and Stewart obviously had to ask about that pixie cut. "Can you imagine getting your haircut and finding out about it on the news," she asked. No, J Lawr, no we cannot.

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