Squinch And All Your Pictures Will Be Flawless

SQUINCH-BODPhoto: Courtesy of Peter Hurley.
Alright, it's about time we all come clean about our photo taking habits. Every time we look at a picture — regardless if it's a singular portrait or a group shot — we don't look at anyone but ourselves. If we look good, we exclaim "Oh my god, that is such a good picture!" If we look bad, we beg for a redo. Well, allow us to introduce you to Peter Hurley, a photographer who wants everyone to look good in photos.
Hurley wants you to look good in photos so badly, he's made a 15-minute how-to video explaining the secret to flawless portraits. It's called the Squinch, but don't get it mixed up with the squint. According to Hurley, a squinch is the "action of squinting your eyes in such a way as to portray confidence and self-assurance as opposed to the fear and uncertainty that you project when you stare wide-eyed at the camera." Wow! Two simple and subtle eye maneuvers can take you from wilting flower to smoldering temptress. Yes, there is a science to it, and the video below has it all.
Here's to never asking for a re-do again! Eat your sultry little heart out, Tyra Banks' smize. (Gizmodo)

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