This GIF Will Turn You Into An Environmentalist

Environmentalism, much like feminism, is an excellent and worthy cause that sometimes suffers from bad PR and an unfortunate reputation. In essence, there's no reason not to support a movement that simply asks that we not destroy what is, as far as we know, the only inhabitable planet in this universe. But, hey, sometimes it's not that simple. There are politics involved, there are smear campaigns, there are fanatics on both sides who miss the point and leave us more divided than united.
However, we will humbly say that this GIF may have the power to remind us all what it's really about when it comes to conservation. It's so pure, so evocative, and it gets the message across in a very straightforward way that you can't really argue with. Reminds us of this Are You A Feminist quiz, actually!
NYC dwellers may not have much choice, but for the rest of us, perhaps this little moving picture will stick in our minds the next time we have the chance to carpool or take public transit to the office. The Internet is a powerful thing! (Gizmodo)

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