Daniel Day-Lewis’ Son Is A Rapper…& A Stoner

Chet Haze fans rejoice, because there's another Hollywood royalty rapper on the rise. Well, maybe not on the rise, per se, but nascent nonetheless. Daniel Day-Lewis' son Gabe Day just released his first music video, and it's...interesting. Day is a student at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, NY, and clearly went to the Mac Miller School of Privileged Rappers. He's eager to show the world that he's hard, even if he has to smoke 10,000 blunts to do so.
His video was filmed around campus at Sarah Lawrence (or SLC to insiders), and features the 18-year-old, A-list offspring well, rapping and smoking weed. His rhymes are pretty literal, with lines like "See I've been kickin' it on campus/SLC/Yah know know what it is/Straight out of NYC." He brands himself as a stoop kid ("I'm just another stoop kid/doing lots of stoop sh*t/but never acting stupid"), but we're not sure it counts if said stoop is attached to a million-dollar brownstone.
Either way, Day is adamant that we all realize he's got actual talent, and isn't just scooting by on his dad's gilded coattails. In fact, he's gone and altered his name and everything: "Call me Gabe Day/Not Gabe Day-Lewis/'Cuz if you're 'bout to call me out I'm 'bout to Gabe Day lose it." Burn. (Bullett)

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