Green Juice In A Packet? Sign Us Up

dailygoodembeddedPhoto: Courtesy Of Aloha.
Here at Refinery29, we love a good green juice. Well, let me rephrase that — we love the health benefits that everyone says come with a good green juice. One thing we don't like so much? Spending half our paychecks on them. So, when we heard about ALOHA, a new company that packs all the goodness of green juices in a relatively cheap little packet, we were intrigued.
Each packet, which ALOHA has dubbed The Daily Good, contains an all-natural vegan powder comprised of dried spinach, blueberries, mushrooms, spirulina, and coconut water, among other whole ingredients. The company says they have all the nutrients of a green juice, plus fiber, Vitamin D, and other power-packed nutrients that could contribute to greater energy, better digestion, and even more youthful skin. The powder can be mixed with plain old water, or added to a smoothie or protein shake.
But, how did it taste? Well, we've been drinking The Daily Good mixed with water for about a week now, and we have to admit it tastes...well, it tastes decidedly healthy — but not in a bad way. We're definitely curious to start experimenting by adding it to juices and smoothies. And, when you're comparing it to a daily habit of cold-pressed juices, it starts to seem downright cheap: A 30-day supply is $75, which breaks down to just $2.50 per packet. Bye-bye, BluePrint!
ALOHA The Daily Good, $75 for 30 packets, available at ALOHA.

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