Lindsay Lohan Returns To Africa In The NSFW Eastbound & Down Finale

The last time Lindsay Lohan was (fictionally) in Africa, she was five and had a crush on a boy named Nfume. As Mean Girls rightly puts it, "It didn't work out." Now she's back with a new crew and things still aren't working out.
This time, she plays the daughter of Danny McBride's Kenny Powers on the series finale of Eastbound & Down. She hardly speaks, but she bounces about, snaps some pics of her brother, and eventually winds up in Africa. (Speaking of her brother — that's Alexander Skarsgård underneath that curly wig.)
Anyway, yes, LiLo's comeback finds her back at rehab (don't worry, she's only outside of it) and back on her A-game. We don't want to spoil the brilliant finale of the hit HBO series, so consider this your warning. Essentially, Powers winds up in Africa after rehab, falls in love, and death becomes him. Skarsgård and Lohan return, LiLo gives her best cry face, and the screen goes black. Don't worry, though, that's not the complete ending. Lindsay Lohan finally fulfills her Mean Girls' mother's wish of seeing Ladysmith Black Mambazo.
Kidding! We are totally kidding with that one. (Rolling Stone)

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