Instagram Shares The Terror Of Midwest Tornadoes

When you grow up in the Midwest, you don't have too many natural disasters with which to contend. The flatter states are pretty devoid of earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, or typhoons. But, the one thing you fear, preternaturally, is tornadoes. Anyone from Kentucky, Kansas, Illinois, or Indiana understands what to do when the sky turns the color of a bruise or when you hear something akin to a freight train: You get underground or under a doorway, and move away from windows.
The most recent rash of devastating tornadoes in Illinois illustrates the destructive power of these storms. Over 80 (!) storms have been reported across the Midwest yesterday, with apparently six fatalities. What is most alarming is the extent of the destruction. We combed Instagram to find some images of those who fell victim to the tornadoes' path, and it's important to remember that tragedy can indeed hit close to home. By following the hashtag "#tornado," we encountered some horrendous scenes.
Seeing what has been left in a tornado's wake is a sobering reminder, especially since nearly a year ago (to the date), the other half of the country spent months recovering from another natural disaster on the east coast.
Currently, the Red Cross is accepting donations for Washington, Illinois, a town that has been hit hardest by the storms. Our hearts go out to all affected. (Chicago Tribune)

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