Caffeine Addiction: A Brief History Of Our Favorite Boost

Coffee_IntroIllustrated by Ly Ngo.
Like us, you're probably on your second (or third) cup of coffee by now, desperately trying to come out of that Tuesday-morning haze. Whether the energy boost is all in your head or the real physical deal, caffeine is an addiction (yes, an addiction) that's been giving folks highs way longer than you'd think.
But, in lieu of throwing dates at you like the HISTORY channel, we'd love to share this fun-yet-informative video that illustrates the history of caffeine, courtesy of The Atlantic. Considering 90% of adults around the world consume it in some form (with Finland downing the most, followed by Italy, the U.S., and Mexico), we'd venture to guess that quite a few eyeballs would appreciate this high-energy nugget. Seriously, there are oodles of great facts packed into this three-minute presentation, including the first patent of instant coffee that was filed in 1903 by a Japanese chemist, the birth of Jolt (you know what we're talking about, '80s kids), and the thousands of hospitalizations associated with the consumption of energy drinks.
So, until the FDA institutes that caffeine regulation it's been talking about, pour yourself another cup of joe, and see what all the buzz is about. (The Atlantic)

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