Alexa Chung's Eyeko Collab Makes Her Feel Like Tom Hanks in Big

rexusa_1820867aPhoto: Ray Tang/Rex/REX USA.
The past couple of months have been pretty rosy for Miss Alexa Chung. She launched her style tome, It, in September, turned 30 on November 5, and, today, launched her very first makeup collaboration, the Alexa for Eyeko limited-edition eye kit. No big whoop.
We were on hand to quaff some early-morning Champagne (don't judge) and toast the style icon's introduction to the beauty market at Selfridges, which will sell the kit exclusively before it hits U.S. cosmetic counters early next year. Packaged in a beyond-cute midnight blue tube conceived by Chung, the kit includes Eyeko's Eye Do Mascara and Liquid Eyeliner, plus a nifty instructional poster inspired by Chung's doodles.
According to the British beauty — who revealed she's now working on creating a series of eye shadow crayons for the brand — the collaboration is a natural one given her passion for '60s eye makeup and frustration at not finding the perfect liner.
"I often used to use the pot with the brush, but I travel so much it's inconvenient," she said. "Most of my handbags are kind of lined with black smudges."
Enter Eyeko's Max and Nina Leykind, who approached her about partnering up on an eye kit of her own.
"They said, we'll let you do whatever you want, wouldn't that be fun," she recalls. "And, I was like, yeahhhh. That's like being in Big. So, working with Eyeko is similar to being Tom Hanks in Big. He was a toy expert who got to work for a toy company. I'm an eyeliner expert and I get to work for an eyeliner company."
See, kids? Dreams can come true. But, as any fan of a lined lid knows all too well, washing eye makeup off fully can be just as challenging as perfecting a cat's eye. How does Chung do it?
"I've been experimenting with various things because I'm fortunate enough that [when I go to parties] they give you all these weird beauty products," she told us. "So, I do love a variety of things, like Sisley has a really nice foaming/cleansing gel that turns into a mousse when you put it on, and then Shu Uemura's oil that takes things off the eye. But, I most frequently use Dove soap. Just a bar of soap. Classic."
Peace out, guys. We've gotta make a drugstore run.

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