Having A Baby Will Cost You $21,000 & 5x As Much For Twins

Whether you're a resident or one-time tourist to diaper land, you may not realize what it costs to bring a baby into the world. Without beating around the bassinet, it will set you back about $21,000 for a single birth, $105,000 for twins, and a whopping $400,000 to have triplets. And, let's be clear: This is just to deliver the little bundle of joy. Here's hoping you clean up big at the baby shower.
According to CBS Atlanta, these oh-so-fun statistics are part of a new study published in the American Journal of Obstetricians & Gynecology, which associates the skyrocketing costs of having a baby with the rising cost of health-care expenses. As logic would dictate, the more babies you have at once, the greater the risk for both mother and child, hence the impact on cost. Just think about the resources used in case C-sections or other emergency procedures are needed and, in effect, longer stays at the hospital. Cha-ching!
Of course, we're living in a time where good old-fashioned love making isn't always doing the trick, so add in vitro fertilization and ovulation induction to the mix, and you've just booked yourself a longer hospital stay with a larger bill to match. While this information may be as hard to digest as baby food, we don't think we'll be seeing a major decrease in baby bumps anytime too soon. (CBS Atlanta)

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