Women Love Their Hair Stylists More Than Their Husbands — Really

Hairstylist_breakup_paginated_verticalIllustrated by Isabelle Rancier.
Every day there seems to be new research on why some relationships last and others don't. And, this study we stumbled upon was just too revealing to ignore. A recent survey of 360 women carried out by shopping voucher website, NetVoucherCodes.co.uk, found that the average British women will stick it out longer with her hairdresser than her husband. Ouch. So much for "'Til death do us part."
The Telegraph reports that while the average marriage in the U.K. lasts 11.5 years, the relationship between a woman and her stylist lasts a whopping 12. That’s a lot of trims, tints, and cold-feet pre-fringe moments. But, the findings aren’t entirely surprising. A game-changing hairdresser (and haircut) is a keeper. And, given that two thirds of us remain loyal, it’s no real surprise that the survey suggests husbands, sometimes, don't get the same devotion.
Reflecting on the findings, a spokeswoman for NetVoucherCodes.co.uk said, "The bond a woman has with her hairdresser is an extremely close one, and one she would not give up lightly.” Rightly so, given that the route to recovery after a bad life episode is often littered with image-transforming haircuts and makeovers.
Whether you trust the talented team at your local parlor with your tresses or are more of a dedicated Orlando Pita gal (we wish), your relationship with your stylist is set to stand the test of time — minus the conjugal commitment and expensive wedding dress. Now, that definitely calls for a celebratory cut and color.
How long have you been loyal to your hairdresser? Don’t forget to share tales of your unbreakable bond in the comments below! (The Telegraph)

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