Stevie Nicks Is Coming To American Horror Story To Magic Up The Joint

nicksPhoto: REX USA/Rex.
Dust off your pointy hats, because Stevie Nicks is coming to American Horror Story. A few weeks back, show co-creator Ryan Murphy had teased the possibility of the singer's appearance on the show after the introduction of Lily Rabe's Misty Day, a character obsessed with her. He confirmed via Twitter this morning that Nicks is indeed on board, spells and all.
As Entertainment Weekly points out, Murphy's not only a friend but also a bit of a Nicks superfan. He explained in an interview last month, "When we got to this witch idea, I thought, if you're Misty and you have grown up alone and you don't know any other witches, there's one witch you probably would know and that's Stevie Nicks. So I called Stevie Nicks and first I said, 'I want to use you in the show.'"
Nicks was initially resistant. Despite her penchant for black, diaphanous dresses and hooded capes, she's long dodged rumors that she is, in fact, a bona fide witch, as well as occult-obsessed stalkers. (That's probably because she frequently said things like "I've always believed in good witches...and fairies and angels" and "I love to live in a world of magic, but not a fake world of magic.") But, after Murphy explained the role to her, Nicks said, "Aw f**k, let’s just do it. OK, I love it."
Murphy didn't announce exactly what that role might entail, nor when we can expect to see Nicks on the show. Perhaps Misty Day will drink her blood as a restorative, or maybe she'll descend from the clouds to bless the young witches of Miss Robichaux's with a Glee-like rendition of "Landslide." Or perhaps she'll steal the Oedipal monster Kyle away from glum Zoe, and bring Fiona into the mix, too. Of all the taboo topics the show's already covered — incest, conversion therapy, interior decor — we've still not had a supernatural three-way with a '70s music icon, and isn't it about time? Tick tock, Murphy, tick tock. (EW)

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