Exclusive! Delta Rae's Heart-Pounding New Song "Run"

deltaPhoto: By Eric Honeycutt.
Music has a long tradition of producing really amazing songs about running. "Born To Run" by the Boss, Fugazi's "Long Distance Runner," and Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" all come to mind. There is something anthemic about a song that encourages taking off, pushing oneself to the limits, feet hitting pavement, etc. For Delta Rae's "Run," the second song off of its new EP Chasing Twisters, the North Carolinan sextet has all the makings of a great song about running: A huge, swelling buildup, a Fleetwood Mac-inspired acoustic rhythm (which is fitting, since Lindsey Buckingham appears on the album), and a heavy dosage of bass drum. "Run" sounds triumphant and exhilarating, and Brittany Holljes simply leads the call to arms by yell-singing, "I wanna run!" Hey, if it doesn't make your morning jog playlist, it'll certainly get your feet tapping with its fun, fluttering beat.
The band's second album is slated to be out early next year, and be sure to watch the first video from its EP Chasing Twisters. Chasing Twisters comes out 11/19, and could be pre-ordered here.

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