Seth MacFarlane’s New Show Is As Off-Kilter As We Expected

1Photo: REX USA/Picture Perfect.
Calling all Family Guy fans! Seth MacFarlane, of the raunchier-than-raunchy fame, is getting a brand-new animated show. It's a bit of a stroke of luck for the comedian, who just had his series The Cleveland Show scrubbed, while American Dad moved over to TBS. Fox announced that it ordered a a full season of MacFarlane's new animated series Bordertown, putting him (potentially) back on top of the TV funnies.
Bordertown is a play on the hot-button issue of immigration, so you can expect that it won't be for the PC faint of heart. The show follows a border patrol agent named Bud Buckwald in a fictional Texas town. Buckwald and his wife and children live next door to a family of Mexican immigrants — cue the many, many hijinks. The cartoon series is said to be part of Fox's 2014 lineup, so we expect new episodes to hit airwaves next fall. Prepare yourselves. (LA Times)

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