The 12 Things We Learned About Love Actually — In GIFs

We know, it's a little bit early in the season to be talking about Love Actually. Normally, we like to hold off on our first yearly viewing until after Thanksgiving, but this is a special occasion. Today marks the tenth anniversary of the film, which means that we're officially old. It also means that we've had 10 years of adorably twee British accents, broken-Portuguese proposals, and "Jump (For My Love)" on a constant loop.
We'd be hard-pressed to find a person who doesn't hold this movie in a special place in their hearts; or, at the very least, to find a person who doesn't get a kick out of Alan Rickman. Aside from providing endless holiday cheer, there are also plenty of lessons to be learned from Love Actually. And no, we don't mean lessons in British potty mouths. We're talking true-life wisdom, people. Ahead, the most valuable things our favorite flick has taught us, in GIF form (because why not?).
Mourning is not sexy. Necessary, but not sexy.
Loneliness is great for creativity.
Swearing is a blast. And, if you have a British accent, it's also adorable.
Never be afraid to pursue your true love. After all, shyness never helped anybody land that hottie.
Public outbursts are a natural part of life — especially at the airport.
Sometimes, you just gotta dance.
A healthy dose of sarcasm and self-deprecating humor is just what you need to get through the holidays.
The older you get, the more excited you are about your crush. Also, the possibility of sex and making lots of babies.
A good, therapeutic cry cures everything. Everything.
Sometimes, kids really know what they're talking about.
Margaret Thatcher was the sauciest minx of all.
Life is in the details...the painstaking details.

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