Is Perfectionism Holding You Back? Signs You Need To Let It Go

What is perfectionism and workaholism vs. a simple desire to do your best and succeed? And, what happens when our obsession with perfection begins to actually undermine us or interfere with our emotional health?
The experts of at Huffington Post put together a list of 14 signs your need to be flaw-free has gotten way out of control. Some clear indications? One, you're highly critical of others. The age-old adage that we cannot accept in others what we refuse to accept in ourselves is undoubtedly more true than not. So, if you resent the fact that you have trouble going to the gym in the morning, and you find yourself vocally criticizing your partner for being too lazy to get up, that might be a sign that you're taking out your perfectionist tendencies on someone else.
Also, counterintuitively, perfectionism can lead to extreme procrastination. It's not that perfectionists don't want to begin things and succeed, it's that they're so afraid of failure they just can't start.
See yourself in these signs and symptoms? Want to read more signs that perfectionism might be hurting you more than helping? Click through to read more! (The Huffington Post)
balletImage: Via The Huffington Post

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