Oprah’s Favorite Things Will Cure All Your Bah Humbugs

1Photo: Courtesy of Oprah.com.
We don't mean to alarm you, but you're probably already behind on your holiday shopping — at least, according to Oprah. And, if we know anything, we know that what Oprah says, we do. She's kind of our personal Svengali for everything we need in life. So, when we got word that she released her most recent list of Oprah's Favorite Things, we stopped everything. Not only were we psyched to see the final products, but the cover she created for the annual issue of O is simply stunning. Miss O. teamed up with Jimmy Kimmel and totally killed it.
Even if you're not ready to start picking up presents for Christmas or Thanksgivukkah, the list is just a lesson in good taste. And, is there any better taste than Oprah's? She's got everything for the discerning gift-giver, from fondant cakes to gourmet knife sets to Himalayan salt shot glasses. Plus, while you're gaining inspiration for your Christmas list, you also get fascinating insight into Ms. Winfrey's psyche. And, what's more valuable than that? (Oprah.com)
1Photo: Courtesy of O.

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