The Best YouTube Videos According To Hollywood

Yeah, yeah, yeah — we all know that celebrities are just like us, but this is no look-at-them-eat-a-burger-and-take-out-the-trash-in-sweatpants-type article. If there ever was one thing we could bond over with Tinseltown, it's our shared obsession with funny Internet things. We spend endless hours tumbling through the black hole of viral videos, lists, and sassy pop-culture commentary. We're not embarrassed to admit the politically incorrect, left-field humor that has us giggling.

So, take a look through this celebrity must-hit list, and you're bound to see some familiar faces. Now you know what Pennsatucky LOL's at when she's not wielding a wooden cross. Paris Hilton even shared her favorite late-night Interweb haunt. Hey, even Patrick Wilson's hip to the viral trends.
The most surprising thing about this round-up? There are no cats. A bear, but no cats. Maybe celebrities are not like us, after all.

AnnaSophia Robb
“That Sacha Baron Cohen when he’s Bruno. He talks about how he’d style Jesus. I’m always like, ‘Oh my gosh, who are you?'”
Gemma Arterton
“I’m really not a YouTube video viewer. Although, having said that, the other day my friend and me were really drunk and we were watching YouTube all night. He showed me this mock-video of Arnold Schwarzenegger auditioning for something. It’s hilarious — so funny. That really got me laughing for a long time. I’m not one of those people that knows videos, though. My sister is always showing me things. I’m so not a techy person.”
Joel McHale
"Guy On A Buffalo! There are four parts. It’s the funniest thing you’ll ever see in your life. It’s my favorite thing. It’s not, like, an accident or mishap video, they made it.”
Joel Mchale, Part II
Joel McHale, Part III
Joel McHale, Part IV
Dianna Agron
“It took me a stupid-long time to watch that SNL skit — the Moët & Chandon one. My friends and I always quote, ‘For occasions’ when we see champagne.”
Taryn Manning
"Drinking out of cups and being a bitch! If you don't know it, you gotta watch it."
Patrick Wilson
“Normally, I go in these YouTube holes where I watch these live performances of bands. I’m so boring. I'll also watch that entire lion versus wildebeest thing. It goes on for thirteen minutes. But, someone was just telling me about the bear scooting the dumpster out of the way, which is pretty cool.”
Paris Hilton
"I love watching all the funny vine videos, like, The Greatest Vine Videos are the best."
Phillip Lim
CRAZYPhoto: Courtesy of Doubleday.
“I’m not much of a social media person! I read a lot of books. I’m reading this book now called Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan. It’s so entertaining. That’s my YouTube right now.”

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