Our Take On The Whole “Photoshop Evolution” Drama

So, chances are you've already seen this video of a very normal-looking woman being Photoshopped until she resembles...not a human being. The video was created in 2011 by the Global Democracy, and has been making the Internet rounds again (most recently over at The Huffington Post) as "Photoshop fails" continue to gain major viral traction.
This is obviously a huge issue, as the prevalence of eating disorders and low self-esteem can be connected with young women being fed a constant stream of unrealistic images that promote certain ideals of health or beauty. Critics of over-Photoshopped images argue that these pics put extra pressure on women to have perfect skin, hair, and/or bodies. And you know, we agree. Kind of.
On the other hand, we have a tough time separating our feelings about Photoshop from the chapter in Tina Fey's incredible book, Bossypants, where she describes the general wizardry that occurs at cover shoots, from the clips that hold together sample-sized dresses to the technological manipulating that occurs after the fact. Fey raises the valid point that, if we're anti-Photoshop, we should also be anti-jewelry ("No one's ears are naturally that sparkly!"), and against anything at all that changes how one "naturally" appears. Humans have always adorned and adjusted their physical appearances in some form or another. Ultimately, it is the choice of the individual (or the choice of the parent) which standards of beauty they're going to uphold.
Photos that display "unrealistic" or "unnatural" standards of beauty will probably always exist to some degree. And, in our opinion, the best way to combat the shaming effects of these images is simply to promote the idea that true beauty comes from celebrating our unique, diverse features. But, hey, don't take our word for it — where do you stand on the whole Photoshop hullabaloo? (The Huffington Post)

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