What Do Kim & Kanye Talk About?

We imagine most of Kim and Kanye's personal time involves one of three things. Activity one: Devising an intricate, innovative new system by which to sort leather skirts. Activity two: Researching the craziest troll comments on the Internet to appropriate for Kanye's next media appearance. Activity three: Hour-long sessions of brushing Kim's hair. That should take up most of their time not already spent being filmed, performing, and/or sexting each other via Twitter.
However, the good people of Go Fug Yourself (in typical brilliance) have taken it one step further to imagine what a conversation between Kim and Kanye sounds like. There is screaming, there are WTFs, and believe it or not, Kim comes off as the cool, laid-back one. Just your daily dose of hilarity with a touch of caps lock thrown in. Enjoy! (Fug Girls)
kimkImage: Via Go Fug Yourself.

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