Why Monday Is The Day To Change Your Life

HandIphone4_LyNgoIllustrated By Ly Ngo.
Is it just us, or does Monday get a pretty bad rap? Ok, yes, it means your precious weekend has come to its inevitable end and you’re back to a possibly stressful (or worse, boring!) work routine. But, might we suggest a sunnier outlook: Your dreaded Monday can be an opportunity for a fresh start.
From starting a new diet to fitting in more hours at the gym, Monday is the time when many of us make resolutions to be our best, healthiest selves. Take smoking, for instance: A new study on Google search queries around the world found that more people think about quitting smoking on Monday than any other day.
Even more importantly, evidence suggests that self-improvement pledges have a greater success rate on the infamous first day of the week. When it comes to dieting, for example, experts say that those who start on Monday are more likely to stay motivated through the rest of the week.
Besides, that “case of the Mondays” thing? All in your head. Studies have shown that Mondays aren’t really as blue as we think they are — it’s just our brains dreading the jump back to the grind after Sunday relaxation. Kickstarting a new wellness, diet, or fitness plan on Monday, when you’re already tackling the many pressures of your workweek, could combat that sluggish, negative feeling, while adding a boost of productivity that will keep you feeling good all the way to Friday.
Will you use your Monday to make a positive change in your life? Sound off in the comments below.

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