Kraft Mac & Cheese Is About To Get A Major Makeover

kraftbodPhoto: Courtesy of Kraft Foods Group.
A moment of silence for Kraft mac & cheese, please. Big changes are coming to America's go-to, there's-nothing-left-to-cook meal. We can kiss the super-saturated yellow dyes of certain strains of macaroni and cheese goodbye. Kraft Food Group Inc. announced its plans to remove harmful yellow dyes from its famously colorful products.
Yellow 5 and Yellow 6, two kinds of dyes that two activist moms have petitioned Kraft to remove, are being nixed from the brand's Spongebob Square Pants, Halloween, and winter variety products — a.k.a. the best products, duh. "Spices like paprika" will be added instead because spices "like" something are just as assuring as numerical shades of yellow. In fact, the wording of its statement doesn't reassure us that paprika will actually be used. Will it be spices like paprika or spices that are paprika? A 21st century mystery even Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock couldn't solve — maybe.
Don't worry, though. You can still get your fix of Yellow 5 and 6 from Kraft's original elbows. (Gawker)

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