How I Met Your Father Is Exactly What It Sounds Like, Get Excited

HIMYMbodPhoto: Courtesy of CBS.
TV viewers are finally finding out how Ted Mosby met his kids' mother in this season's How I Met Your Mother. It's a mystery that has spanned a whopping nine seasons, and the creators just don't want to give it up.
Audiences will likely be introduced to a whole new crew come HIMYM's series finale next year that will lead into a spinoff show aptly titled How I Met Your Father. It's been confirmed that producers are in early talks of the follow-up series. The pitches have included an entirely new cast that flips the script of its inspiration. Rather than follow a male protagonist, HIMYF would follow a woman's journey to find her husband. It would take place in the original town, and the cast would frequent the same haunts.
There's no guarantee, however. The idea is still in its infant stages, but that doesn't mean we can stop fantasizing. Might we suggest a Samantha Jones-type character to fill NPH's spot? That would just be the best thing. Prime time is missing a female character of that strength, and HIMYF could be the perfect platform to bring her back. Fingers crossed! (Gossip Cop)

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