Should You Forgo A Halloween Costume If You’re A Dude?

Whether it's an excuse to dress up like something you're not (naughty nurse, anyone?) or that costume parties are just your jam, adults sport Halloween getups almost as much as kids — which, according to Max Berlinger at Esquire, is an extremely bad idea if you're a dude.
Berlinger presents his case with one simple question: "When was the last time you saw a grown man look respectable in a costume?" Okay, we have to agree with him here (we're looking at you, Iron Man), but isn't that the fun part about Halloween? No offense, but women don't exactly look, um, "respectable" dressed up like a witch that rolled out of a strip club either, so we say both genders are pretty equal when it comes to looking a little bit silly — and isn't that the point?
So, should you forgo that costume if you're a man? Here's a hint, gents: We've seen plenty of sexy vampires in our day, so you be the judge. (Esquire)
emPhoto: Courtesy of Esquire.

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