The (Delicious) Foods That Actually Cause Stress

perfect-breakfast-sandwich-1_ErinPhranerPhotographed by Erin Phraner.
The weekends are an especially difficult time to stay healthy. We typically spend our two-day break from the daily grind indulging in brunches and dinners out with friends — not to mention a few cocktails. And, while all of these activities are intended to relax us, they may actually be causing more tension in our lives.
Obviously, stress takes a toll on your mental health: We find it difficult to concentrate and can't seem to shake the feeling of angst in our chests. But, it can also have negative impact on your physical health, causing weight gain and high blood pressure.
So, which foods are the worst offenders? Coffee, for starters. We live for our Sunday-morning lattes, but too much caffeine can cause anxiety. And, for all you game-day enthusiasts, fried foods and booze can be just as bad (maybe worse?). Alcohol is especially tough — it increases cortisol, the stress hormone in your body. That means, despite the relaxed feeling you'll get after a couple of beers — and your team's winning touchdown — your body will react quite differently.
Check out the full list of stress-inducing snacks. We apologize if it ruins your weekend meal plan, but your body will certainly thank you in the long run. (HuffPost)

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