Our Feelings, In Flowers: This Zine Nailed It

2Photo: Courtesy of On Flora.
On our most ambitious weekends, we'll abandon our PJs-on-the-couch routine for a creative project. Typically, it's a DIY of some sort — maybe even some cleaning. And, when we spotted On Flora — created by R29's own Alison Baitz — we were instantly inspired.
The zine features series a gorgeous photographs of plants and flowers, some of which are presented in the most unexpected ways. Who would have thought an empty can of beans could double as such a cool vase? What's so great about these photographs, though, is how the floral arrangements manage to reflect the wide range of human emotions. Feeling kinda crazy? There are flowers have googly eyes. Craving junk food? Here's a doughnut nesting in roses. Frustrated? These buds have the words "UGH. NO" written on top.
Click here for a list of retailers or to order a copy of On Flora. We want it sitting on our coffee table. We want to stare at it for hours. We may or may not buy an extra copy so we can tear out all the pages and hang them on our walls. Is it strange that we're even thinking about redecorating our whole apartment to match its aesthetic? Well, we're considering it anyway.

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