Danielle Fishel Went On A Twitter Rant, Put Bullies In Their Place

There's no denying it, Internet bullies are the pits. They're pretty much just out to make everyone feel terrible about themselves, and celebrities often take quite a virtual beating. Sure, when you put yourself on a public stage you open yourself up to a certain level of scrutiny, but no one deserves to be made fun of, famous or not. Which is exactly why Danielle Fishel decided to take a stand and let her online detractors have it. The Girl Meets World star recently got married (mazel!), and sadly, she found herself on the business end of an outpouring of criticism about her relationship and her weight on her big day. Her detractors apparently didn't like that fact that she wed a man seven years her junior, so the actress took to Twitter to set everybody straight.
The worst part about the whole thing is that Fishel notoriously struggled with eating disorders in her youth. She's found a healthy and balanced life now, but attacking her for her weight after her ordeal seems just plain mean. Luckily, she's able to see that no one can tell you how to feel except for yourself, and she's got a message for all of those bullies. Here's hoping the rest of us can have the strength to stand up to our detractors like Danielle. (Huffington Post)

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