All The Homemade Skin-Care DIYs You'll Need This Fall

It feels like it's only been fall for approximately five-ish minutes, and yet our skin is so terrifyingly parched that we can barely remember a time when we weren't looking in the mirror and shuddering. The best solution we've found? Simplifying our beauty routines. While we'll always love our (extraordinarily) extensive skin-care product collection, sometimes you just have to go right for the all-natural ingredients that are the true fixes. We're talkin' oils, yogurt, and what-have-you. So, now that that's settled, where do we begin?
Lucky for our skin, and our ongoing need to have organized lists, there's a fabulous hub of DIY skin remedies up on HuffPo that addresses essentially every beauty gripe we're currently facing. With issues like dry undereye patches (really glad we're not the only ones with these) and clammy feet, this is real talk about skin care — with truly inventive fixes. From oils we're well-acquainted with (hi, coconut oil, love you!) to ones we've never tried, like apricot, and fresh add-ins like cucumber and lemons, this is pretty much the most delicious-sounding, non-food article we've ever read.
So, DIY beauty lovers, think of this as a gift. And, if there's a cure-all recipe you've got that you don't see listed, please do share it with us — it's the nice thing to do. (Huffington Post)
huffpo openerPhoto: Via The Huffington Post.

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