Ylvis' New Song Is As Weird As We Thought It Would Be

In case you were wondering, those guys from the "What The Fox Say" video aren't going away anytime soon. Ylvis, Norway's funky-man band, just released yet another viral-ready song. The aptly named "Massachusetts" is a bizarre ode to, you guessed it, Massachusetts. No offense to the New England state, of course, but we didn't realize that the area was such a draw to our friends across the pond.
The guys tour all over Boston and beyond, all while singing about antique libraries, the local brie, boy scouts, and more. The song starts to take a facetiously homoerotic turn, and basically ends up not being about Massachusetts at all. While we're a little perplexed by the whole thing, we can't help but admit that the song is kind of catchy. And, these guys are pretty fearless when it comes to releasing nonsensical projects. Watch below to decide for yourself. (Gawker)

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