How To Deal With Mean Girls — The Right Way

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Mean girls. We've all got 'em in our lives. Maybe it's your coworker or maybe it's a frenemy, but either way she's probably caused some major headaches. Luckily, there's a way to tackle these ladies head-on, without actually, you know, tackling them, with a few helpful tips courtesy of MSN Glo.
First up: The unfriendly friend of a friend — think of the annoyingly immaculate Helen from Bridesmaids. While you may feel like talking back or closing yourself off, the best tactic is actually to get to know her. If you break through that tough outer shell, chances are you'll find you have plenty of things in common. When your mean girl is a coworker, however, polite confrontation is best. Getting involved in her game of gossip could jeopardize your good standing in the office, so simply ask her about her problems with you.
And, perhaps the trickiest mean girl to deal with comes in the form of the critical relative. You know, that cranky aunt or nosy cousin who can't help but constantly ask you why you're single. It's tempting to skip family get-togethers in order to avoid the third degree, but in the long run, you'll regret missing out. Instead, deflect their comments with self-deprecating humor or sarcasm. Give off the impression that you're happy with yourself no matter what your family thinks, and they'll be forced to pipe down. Head over to Glo for even more tips on the nasty neighbor, the snooty salesperson, and the like. (MSN Glo)

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