What NOT To Share With Your Boyfriend (Or Girlfriend)

2Photo: Courtesy of Drugstore.com.
Whether you're sharing your living quarters with several roommates, your family, or even your partner, there are always times when you're inclined to share just about everything. Yes, this means anything from a juicy dating story to a pair of jeans — and, also the occasional swipe of deodorant or a dab of lipstick. But, according to this list from Shape, you've gotta double check your standards when it comes to swapping personal items.
While some of the items on the no-share list are just what we expected — toothbrushes and razors — others are kind of surprising. For example, a bar of soap can pass along bacteria and fungi, and sharing a hairbrush can lead to the lice breakout you wouldn't wish upon your worst enemy. Oh, and don't even think about sharing those earbuds (we don't have the heart to tell you why).

The good news? Although mascara and lipstick are still a no-go in the Yankee swap of makeup, there are some products whose preservatives will kill off any bacteria. Of course, you should investigate this on a case-by-case basis. Check out the full list from Shape, but in general, go with your gut: If the thought of sharing a product with someone makes you go, "Ew!" you should probably just buy your own. (

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