S.F. Ranked One Of The Top Cities In The States

mainPhoto: Via San Francisco Official Site.
Despite the whirlwind that is S.F.’s current rental market and our endless gripes about it, we're still very aware our hilly city is massively desirable for a slew of reasons. After all, the restaurants, vistas, postcard-perfect homes, and bubbling art scene make it an endless hub of discovery. So, it makes sense folks will pay top dollar to flock to it.
A recent study lends proof to that bragging right. Business Insider recently revealed that San Francisco earned one of the top spots (third to be exact) on the nation’s best city list. Although, our fair city has actually fallen a spot — we were ranked second the year prior — visitors and residents alike ranked us high based on criteria from friendliness and culture to restaurants and shopping. Do you agree? Does S.F. have a home on your best U.S. cities list? Weigh in below!

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