Scott Eastwood For Fifty Shades Of Grey? Yes, Please

scottPhoto: via @scotteastwood.
The race for the next Christian Grey is getting muddier and hunkier as the days go by. It's anyone's guess as to which Hollywood Adonis will play Fifty Shades' resident bad boy. What is for sure (at least for now) is the film's producers have five actors in mind — one of them being Scott Eastwood.
An exclusive source close to the actor let Just Jared know Eastwood "is one of five actors being considered." Whether Jamie Dornan (or, yes, even Matt Bomer) are among the selected five is not yet known. Eastwood, however, is a fair choice. He's certainly got the swoon-worthy looks paired with a menacingly boyish charm. Had he been around when we first brainstormed actors, he'd for sure have topped our list.
The fact that he's relatively unknown, aside from being the ridiculously good-looking son of Clint Eastwood, could benefit the franchise as a whole. He doesn't carry the celebrity-gossip baggage that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart did as the Twilight franchise grew, so an audience could watch him on-screen and only see Christian Grey. Of course, he runs the risk of forever being his 50 Shades character, but — let's face it — that wouldn't be the worst thing in the world. (Just Jared)

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