Watch A Millennial Relationship Begin And End In Five Minutes

Millennials, man. The dating world they've both nurtured and assimilated to is a convoluted assembly of lonely hearts and romantic ideals. Traditional rules have been thrown to the wind in favor of quick hits, messy labels, and D-R-A-M-A. One day the relationship is on its last legs, the next it's perfect bliss. It's as if Woody Allen's many neuroses have, in some strange life-imitating-art alternative universe, infected the way Millennials go about their lives.
Now, we don't want to dive off the deep end into a thought piece on these nihilistic views of love. But, Autumn Stein and Matthew C. Flynn, two improv masters, will. Watch as they play out a modern love relationship in the matter of five minutes. From the first impression (surprisingly not over Tinder), to the obscure, and therefore au courant, date spot, the quest for validation, to basically living together to the nitpicking — the whole act is a nauseating roller coaster of a ride. Dating might not be dead, but it certainly has reincarnated itself as something else for the Internet age — whatever that something else is. They'll figure it out, though...tomorrow.

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