Daniel Bruhl’s Bromance With Benedict Cumberbatch

1Photo: Courtesy of Dreamworks
In case you haven't been paying attention to the Internet lately, there's a WikiLeaks movie upon us. The Fifth Estate is in theaters today, and it promises global drama and, of course, Benedict Cumberbatch in a silver wig. But, it bares mentioning that Cumberbatch isn't the only shining star in this flick — costar Daniel Bruhl is breaking out in a big way thanks to his role as Julian Assange's right hand man. He's moving into the limelight more and more, and he's sharing just what it's like to work alongside the man, the myth, the legend (Cumberbatch, that is).

As it turns out, Benedict is just as quirky and hilarious as he seems. And, undoubtedly British as well, as Bruhl told the
in an interview. "The first time I met him in London, it was hysterical," he said. "Before he said 'hi,' he could tell me what I had for breakfast, that I'm left-handed, that I was trying to quit smoking, and he even had a recommendation of how to better clean my shirts." Think of Benedict Cumberbatch as an amateur Sherlock Holmes, if you will, with Bruhl playing his Watson during Estate's filming.

Of course, just because Cumberbatch is making the most of the headlines surrounding the movie's release, that doesn't mean Bruhl is simply waiting in the wings. The actor is preparing to take on Hollywood full force — he's even set to star in the upcoming adaptation of John Le Carré's A Most Wanted Man. You can bet we'll be keeping an eye out.

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