Did You Know THIS About Deodorant?

A couple swipes here, a couple swipes there — and you're good to go. Other than having a go-to brand and, perhaps, a firm stance on the aluminum versus non-aluminum debate, you probably aren't intimately acquainted with your deodorant or antiperspirant. Ever been curious to learn more about the sweat-masking product? The Huffington Post did us all a solid and brought up some illuminating points about the bathroom staple.
Some of our favorite fun facts? According to The New York Times, early forms of deodorant can be traced all the way back to the ancient Egyptians, and the first trademarked deodorant surfaced in 1888. And, there's actually a downfall to brand loyalty: You can become immune to your deodorant. So, add some variety to your routine and switch brands every six months to prevent this from happening.
Also, much to the dismay of deodorant companies everywhere, not everyone actually needs it. Some people simply lack the chemical that produces underarm odor. Head over to The Huffington Post to find out more surprising facts!
embedPhoto: Via The Huffington Post.

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