Zac Efron Is Very Naked In That Awkward Moment‘s Red Band Trailer

Happy Hump Day everyone! Here's a glimpse at Zac Efron's naked butt. Here's another glimpse at his naked, chiseled torso, rising and falling post-sexy time. Watch him rock out with his you-know-what out! It's a hump day for the ages, y'all.
The Awkward Moment is shaping up to be the breakaway role for Efron. Popping viagra and downing shots is as far away from High School Musical as you can get at this point (well, aside from that one movie with Nicole Kidman...). Gratituous nudity and a plethora of foul language make this the bromance film Hollywood's been waiting for since The Hangover trilogy raised its final glass. Think of this as the man-cave answer to He's Just Not That Into You — only with more butts, lots and lots of butts. Plus, this might be the one way we can officially retire the phrase "that awkward moment when..." because, well, it's time that happened.

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