Say What? Apparently Apple Ain’t All That Popular Abroad

mainPhoto: Courtesy of Apple
These days, you can’t turn a curve without brushing by some iPhone-glued pedestrian or peek into a local café without spying an army of shiny Apple products. It’s safe to say the Cupertino-based company has infiltrated almost every nook and cranny...or so we thought. This isn’t the case abroad, in South Korea specifically, where Apple slimly taps the market.
According to industry analysis firm Flurry, about 14% of all mobile-device users actually have iPhones, with Samsung leading the polls at 60%. While it may sound surprising to hear that stat — considering Apple products are still wildly popular in other Asian countries — South Korea happens to be the home of Samsung, so really it makes perfect sense most would tote around a Galaxy. What do you think of the findings? Are you stunned Apple doesn’t reign supreme everywhere? Inquiring minds want to know!